From Moonshine-Inspired Hot Sauces to Rage-Based Branding Schemes

 - Jun 18, 2014
It's no secret, people judge a book by its cover and for good reason, the cover is the first indicator of what can be expected in terms of genre, story and plot; the same goes for these examples of sauce packaging. By focusing on emotions, aesthetics or both, designers and companies create an immediate impression with their consumers that can be long-lasting or fleeting depending on how impactful and well-executed it is.

One of the examples of sauce packaging involves the Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Heat Sauce. It focuses on function, allowing people to spray exactly how much of the spice they want on their food. On the other hand, Lethal Ingestion embraces a medical aesthetic that is present both in the form of its bottle as well as the design of its label.