The DoubleKick Specialty Hot Sauce Packs Two Punches

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: thinkgeek & geekalerts
For those who enjoy a spicy kick in the mornings, they can simultaneously get an extra jolt of caffeine to go with their spice when they use the DoubleKick Caffeinated Specialty Hot Sauce.

There is now a cure for the afternoon slump, drowsy early mornings and food comas. For all of those times when food seems to be making people sleepy, this caffeine-infused condiment will provide that extra boost people need while giving their taste buds an extreme flavor experience. As stated on the label, this sauce is "energizing," so it's an excellent option for those who expect more out of their meal.

When some extra heat and energy is needed, get the DoubleKick Caffeinated Specialty Hot Sauce.