- Nov 28, 2014
These brand fandom examples range from hazelnut spread accessories to fried chicken air fresheners that will leave your vehicle with a meaty scent. Brands like Nutella, KFC and even Sriracha are inspiring countless products that are a favorite of their loyal fan following.

From fashions and jewelry pieces to home decor items, these product examples celebrate an array of popular brands. Standouts from this brand fandom list include wireless speakers that are crafted to resemble a jar of Nutella along with Sriracha-flavored lip balm that gives your lips a tingly and spicy feeling.

Other great products from this list include Coca Cola bottle cap stools and vintage inspired soda fashions that are branded with Coca Cola themed graphics.

When a brand reaches a heightened level of popularity, it becomes an inspiration behind an array of products like these. When created, the products are reflective of that brand's status and mass appeal.

From Hazelnut Spread Jewelry to Fried Chicken Car Fresheners: