Puma Second Round 'Soda Pack' Kicks Channel Your Fave Fizzy Drink

 - Nov 8, 2009
References: kenlu.net & sneakerobsession
Puma’s First Round ‘Soda Pack’ came out this past summer with colorway combinations similar to the ones on 7-Up or Sprite, Sunkist and Coca-Cola cans. Puma’s First Round shoes must have been a hit, since the Puma Second Round 'Soda Pack' sneakers have just been released.

For the Puma Second Round 'Soda Pack' sneakers, the colors are orange-black-white (Fanta), brown-orange-white (A&W Root Beer), red-white (Coca-Cola), and my personal favorite, silver-red-white (Diet Coke), which I am suddenly thirsty for!