- Nov 18, 2014
For a basketball sneakerhead, there really is no such thing as owning too many sneakers. So what if your teenage brother or boyfriend already owns 86 pairs of basketball kicks? There's always room for more.

The big shoe brands are getting so creative with their basketball kicks that even the sky doesn't appear to be a limit. There's something to appeal to sneakerheads of all time.

Perhaps the most coveted basketball kicks out there are the signature lines of NBA superstars like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, created in partnership with their shoe sponsors. Surprisingly, these shoes aren't always prohibitively expensive.

Or if that's too mainstream for you, you can always buy a pair of retro-styled sneakers for the basketball shoe collector in your life.

From Airbag-Studded Shoes to Meteorology-Inspired Kicks: