This Line of Coca-Cola Clothes is Filled with Bubbly Vintage Chic

 - Mar 24, 2013
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Few companies out there have created a long lasting brand theme like the Coca-Cola company, a tradition that is reflected nicely in this line of vintage soda pop fashions.

Coca-Cola teamed up with fashion designed Nigo of Human Made and Japanese clothing retailer Beams. The vintage soda pop clothing brings back nostalgic feelings of wanting to buy the world a coke. The line utilizes classic designs of the logo and pinstripe uniforms that harken back to 50s visages of soda jerks opening glass bottles while the jukebox blares the latest Elvis Presley tunes.

Nigo says that the inspiration for the vintage soda pop clothing line came from playing with a classic Coca-Cola yo-yo when he was a child.