The Sriracha Lip Balm Leaves Lips Feeling Warm and Savory

There's a new meaning to hot lips with the Sriracha lip balm.

Lovers of the spicy and savory taste of the Sriracha hot sauce can keep the flavors going with the compact condiment Rooster Sauce lip balm. Though this Sriracha lip balm won't literally burn up your lips, the lovely taste and firey smell will definitely make users want to go for some nice hot spicy food, especially in cold weather. Ironically, this spicy hot sauce lip moisturizer won't burn the delicate lips but will, in fact, protect them from the sun with an SPF of 15.

Just like Sriracha, the lip balm omits the vinegary taste from typical hot sauces, leaving a long-lasting warming sensation without the burn. Pucker up those lips and load up on the lovely taste.