- Aug 26, 2014
Turning traditional candied treats into new food experiences can be done simply by infusing a traditional lollipop flavor with a fun new taste. From foods like hot sauce to red wine, consumers are getting the chance to experience fun new food pairings inside a nostalgic lollipop treat.

Lollipops are a fun sweet indulgence because they remind many of their youth. Not only are lollipops nostalgic, they're also stylishly cute with their small spherical shape. Many brands are infusing unique and rather bizarre flavors with the candied lollipop form to offer foodies the chance to lick away at palette-awakening taste. Brands are putting things like scorpions inside lollipops and even altering the aesthetic look of a traditional candied pop by turning it into a mustache. Both modern interpretations to the classic lollipop is a fun way to bring this treat into the 21st century.

From Planetary Candy Pops to Candied Wine Lollipops: