These Handmade Lollipops by designerlollipop are Incredibly Detailed

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: etsy & foodiggity
The Death Star is now a destroyer of planets and satisfier of mouths with these handmade lollipops.

Is it just me or is this confection very ironic? We have the all powerful Death Star adapted into a innocent little lollipop for tiny kids to lick. Other than the meaning behind it all, the shape of the Death Star made the transition into a lollipop very natural. The creator claims that it took 2 hours to mold a set of six lollipops. Considering that they are handmade, these confections by designerlollipop took a lot of effort. The hard work certainly paid off as these handmade lollipops look terrific.

Now we know that the secret to destroying the Death Star is eating it.