Blow Pop Cupcakes are the Perfect Girly Treat

If you never grew out bubblegum ice cream and you still consider a pack of Hubba Bubba to be a wise convenience store purchase, then you’re going to love these Blow Pop Cupcakes. Created by blogger Shelly from the enticing blog Cookies and Cups, these gum-flavored confections are completely irresistible. Blushing the perfect shade of girly pink and sporting one lush lolly, there is no conceivable way you can say no to these cute cakes.

An over-the-top celebration of all edible things pink, these Blow Pop Cupcakes are the perfect treat for your next girl's night. These lovely lady cakes are comprised of an airy pink swirl of bubblegum icing atop a strawberry cupcake stuffed with strawberry marshmallows for good measure. For a final flourish, each cake is skewered with a lollipop with a gooey bubblegum center.

Girly, cute and delicious, these Blow Pop Cupcakes are pretty in pink.