- Jan 15, 2015
These tasty Valentine's Day desserts range from heart-shaped donuts to sentimental gelatin snacks that are designed to fit dietary restrictions. Whether you're indulging or staying healthy this February 14th, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these easy and delicious desserts.

These Valentine's Day desserts include rich and scrumptious cupcakes that feature carved out heart details. The snacks are made using a blend of chocolate and strawberry flavors that blend together flawlessly. Another favorite from this list is DIY gelatin candies that are just under 100 calories. The treats give one a sugar kick without the added calories and guilt.

In addition to being incredibly delicious, these Valentine's Day desserts can be recreated at home without having to break the bank.

From Sentimental Gelatin Snacks to Heart-Filled Cupcake Recipes: