The Rose Cupcakes are a Tasty Alternative to a Bouquet of Long Stems

These romantic Rose Cupcakes are the handiwork of the master of fondant Bakerella. Remember fighting over the slice of birthday cake with the most sugary roses on it? Well, you're about to achieve this beloved childhood ambition, because these darling cakes are sporting a full bed of roses.

The most delicious bouquet around, these Rose Cupcakes are studded with swirled renditions of the coveted flower. The perfect token of love, these Rose Cupcakes make wooing easy. These alluring cakes combine the awesome power of both candies, chocolates and flowers! How can you possibly go wrong? Your lucky lady won't know what hit her when you present her with a box of the blooming confections.

Sure to make the apple of your eye swoon, these Rose Cupcakes are the perfect Valentine's Day treat.