- Jan 20, 2015
From kissing tea cups to heart-shaped cheese blocks, these romantic party essentials will impress a large group or your sweetheart.

With Valentine's day not too far away, many will spend the romantic holiday with those closest to them. When decorating for an intimate dinner party set-up, this list has you covered and is sure to contribute to an unforgettable evening.

Some memorable examples from the list include BHLDN's charming home decor products that include arrow and bowtie-inspired bottle toppers along with vintage-themed cake platters and serving utensils. Other favorites include DIY sweetener and ice-cube recipes that are heart-shaped along with delicious desserts that celebrate February 14th.

These products will infuse any dining space with a touch of romance and will show that special someone just how much you mean to them.

From Kissing Tea Cups to Heart-Shaped Cheese Blocks: