These Ice Cubes are Made Using Pink Milk

 - Apr 26, 2014
References: asubtlerevelry & asubtlerevelry
These milk ice cubes are an ingenious way to keep your milk cool without watering it down. Better yet, these ice cubes are shaped and colored like dainty, little pink hearts.

If you like to enjoy a cool glass of milk while you munch on a few delicious cookies, these heart-shaped milk ice cubes will help to keep your milk refreshingly cool without watering it down. All you need to make these milky ice cubes is a heart-shaped ice cube tray, milk and red food coloring. Add the red color to the milk to turn it a pinkish hue, fill the ice cube tray and freeze the tray for a couple of hours. After the milk has solidified, pop a few of these heart-shaped ice cubes into your glass of milk and watch as they melt and turn your glass a romantic shade of pink.