From Bronze Cocktail Shakers to Alcoholic Tea Mixers

 - Nov 30, 2014
These gift ideas for the mixologist on your list are sure to keep everyone in good holiday spirits. Although most mixologists are probably already equipped with basic cocktail shakers and drinkware, these items are now being reinterpreted as more luxurious and high-tech items, such as the bronze cocktail shaker set from Cocktail Kingdom, or the B4RM4N Smart Shaker, which is connected to an app to help beginner and professionals perfect drinks.

No matter if you like to make things fancy, hi-tech, or as simple as possible, another fun way to drink is to involve a set of Cocktail Die, which improves bartending skills and encourages everyone at a holiday gathering to be a little adventurous with what they're willing to try in terms of mixed drinks.