the OMG Eye Chart Cocktail Shaker Will Keep Your Soberity In Check

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: neatoshop & coolmaterial
If you've been drinking and your vision starts to blur, maybe a vision check with the OMG Eye Chart Cocktail Shaker is in order. The second and more realistic explanation for the drastic change in peepers perspective may have something to do with the multiple tequila shots that were consumed.

Whatever the case may be, this shaker not only handles the mixing and generating of your cocktails, but doubles as an optometrist check-up -- the one you've probably been dodging for the past couple of months. Use this eye chart as a scale to measure your movements from absolute sobriety to well, not so sober at all. If you're still able to read "OMG I am so wasted I can't even read what this says," then there is still more drinking to be done.