Glazed Donut Vodka Expands Creativity & Helps You Practice Your Mixology

 - Oct 8, 2012
References: lostateminor
Mixologists and alcohol enthusiasts will be interested in hearing about the release of a glazed donut vodka.

A great replacement for the calorie-packed snack, 360 Vodka's offers a "fresh donut flavor with a sweet glazed finish" so that calorie-conscious individuals can still enjoy the lovely carb-filled treat without the sacrifice. This sweet booze is great straight or mixed with some less fruity alcohol to offset the sweetness of the glaze. Try transforming your favorite donuts into beverages by mixing the glazed donut vodka with some chocolate liquor for a Chocolate Dip or some berry liquor to mimic the jam-filled delights. 360 has created a variety of outrageously weird but delicious vodkas and let's hope they don't stop here.