From Citrus Cocktail Popsicles to Tropical Liqueur Bottles

 - Jul 25, 2014
This collection of summer-ready mojito recipes will help people unwind and enjoy the remaining weeks of the sunny and hot season. Although for many the weather has just started to heat up consistently, there are some things that truly makes summer feel like summer. Tanning at the beach, brunch on a patio and backyard barbecues are all great examples. All of these activities would be made better with these summer-ready mojito recipes.

Interestingly enough, it isn't traditional mojito recipes that stand out. Instead, people are but their own creative spin on the drink to create amazing Rice Crispie squares, cheesecakes and donuts. One of these summer-ready mojito recipes even includes a chilled popsicle. Together, people can host the best themed party ever.