This Mojito Float Turns the Popular Mint Cocktail Into a Boozy Ice Cream Treat

 - May 21, 2014
References: makezine & makezine
The mojito float recipe creatively fuses a soda-based ice cream drink with a boozy cocktail for the perfect summer dessert. The mint flavor of the mojito along with the creamy cool texture of the ice cream makes this the ideal drink to sip on during hot days.

To create this refreshing soda, ice cream and cocktail hybrid, begin by making a fresh and zingy mojito cocktail with a mix of mint leaves, club soda, simple syrup and white rum. Mojitos are great for spring because the mint is just starting to bloom. To up the ante and turn this zesty cocktail into a float, add a heaping scoop of vanilla -- or mint if you're feeling extra adventurous -- ice cream into your homemade mojito cocktail. As the ice cream begins to melt, it'll add a creamy texture the minty mojito. Feel free to enjoy this refreshing summertime drink with a spoon.