From Blended Produce Pouches to Nut Juice Hybrids

 - Jun 19, 2015
As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, many have made the shift away from sugar-loaded sodas towards healthy alternatives such as vegetable-infused drinks. Bursting with nutritious vitamins and minerals, vegetables are an excellent addition to many different kinds of beverages.

Cold-pressed juices are the most common type of vegetable drink and recently these refreshing juices have become extremely popular. Combined with fresh fruit and served icy cold, chilled vegetable juices are a healthy vegetable-infused beverage choice. For something with an added alcoholic twist, there are number of boozy veggie drinks including green tomato cocktails, earthy carrot elixirs and even sparkling tomato juice coolers.

While unconventional, vegetables have also been paired with hot drinks as well. For example, there are delicious purple potato lattes made from naturally sweet taro roots. There are also yam tea lattes that use sweet potatoes and a natural vegetable sweetener. While these vegetable combos may be unusual, they offer a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and artificial energy drinks.