The Botain Protein Drink is a Delicious Vegetarian Alternative

 - Nov 22, 2014
References: drinkbotan
When a person decides to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, it becomes even more important to consume all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to feel the true benefits of such a choice; enter the Botan Protein Drink. It is a plant-based option "that delivers 12 grams of soluble vegetable protein and vitamin goodness, with just 110 slim calories, in every bottle," as written on its website.

With its clean and contemporary branding, the Botan Protein Drink will appeal to more than just vegetarians. In the end, it will appeal to people with a more holistic look on life such as yogis, surfers and more. Botan writes, "We believe plant-based nutrition is the sustainable choice for the future--for the future of our food, the planet, and for more than 7 billion inhabitants."