This Milk Alternative is Prepared with a Blend of Nuts and Vegetables

 - Jan 8, 2016
References: thejuiceryco
The Juicery Co.'s 'Greek Mylk' is an unconventional milk alternative that's like a hybrid of a cold-pressed green juice and a nut milk. Like many nut-based milks, the beverage is made from Brazil nuts, sea salt and vanilla beans, but it gets its vibrant green coloring from the addition of leafy spinach and romaine. These unconventional milk ingredients give the beverage a boost, delivering nourishment that's rich in protein, selenium, zinc and fiber.

Just by looking at the drink from the outside of the bottle, it might be easy to confuse The Juicery Co.'s Green Mylk for a green juice. However, with its Brazil nut base, the beverage likely has a texture that's rich, creamy and unlike most thin vegetable juices.