The 'Off the Vine' Juice Bar Will Offer Nutritious Cold-Pressed Juices

 - Aug 26, 2014
References: facebook & citybeat
Off the Vine is the first cold-pressed juice bar in Cincinnati. The bar will offer a selection of cold-press juices made from the finest quality fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Cold-pressing is form of juicing that essentially uses extreme pressure to juice fruit and veggies without using heat. Heat can have an adverse impact on the enzymes, vitamins and materials found in produce. Cold-pressing does a better job preserving the nutrients and health benefits of produce while also squeezing out more juice than traditional juicing methods.

The juices will range from $8 to $11, standard prices for cold-press juice.

Off the Vine will also be offering juice cleanse programs comprising a daily series of five juices and one meal-replacement nut milk that will act as "a kick start" for people looking to cleanse their systems.