These Alternative Bars Serve Hot Tea, Cold Water & Fresh Juice

 - Aug 7, 2015
In response to there being a slow decline in alcohol consumption and sales, there are a number of alternative bars that are being build around the world to quench consumer thirsts with alcohol-free drinks. To indicate how far this movement is going, this year, Japanese beer brand Sapporo even released an alcohol-free drink that tastes like beer.

Since these dry bars lack exciting cocktails, vintage wine and craft beer to draw consumers in the door, ordinary drinks like tea, water and juice are being rebranded with an upscale twist. The 'Ray’s & Stark Bar' is home to a certified water sommelier, while the Samovar tea house takes pride in providing an artisanal drinks and experiences.

Although pubs can be found on just about any London street, 'Redemption' sets itself apart by being an establishment that only serves alcohol-free beverages.