From Opulent Cannabis Dispensaries to Pharmaceutical Cosmetics

 - May 11, 2015
From upscale cannabis dispensaries to all-natural cosmetics lines, plenty of companies are using apothecary branding to communicate the artisan-inspired craftsmanship and small-batch philosophies that go into the product or service. Apothecary branding has the potential to shift the consumer's perspective of a product and effectively aligns it with the values of the lifestyle, such as scientific precision and well-measured recipes.

In many cases, an overlap is evident between minimalist and apothecary-inspired branding, as both serve to communicate a certain emphasis on slow production methods that assure a more well thought out final product.

By communicating rustic, small-batch aesthetics, brands can differentiate themselves from mass-produced mainstream alternatives by highlighting the intricate details and individual flaws that make a product or service unique, charismatic and real.