The Delbove Flagship Boutique is a Sprawling Upscale Boutique

The upscale apothecary-inspired Delbove flagship boutique in Brussels is a sprawling space that combines high end cosmetics with a retreat-like shopping experience. Designed by Christophe Remy, the space is defined by its white walls and fixtures, gold accented decor and a warm plum accent wall that matches the carpet.

The upscale boutique does a great job of highlighting the merchandise, which boasts a similar antique pharmacy aesthetic. Much of the interior features custom pieces including wall coverings, fabrics and furniture designs.

Rather than feeling like a luxury cosmetics shop, the Brussels Delbove flagship boutique is a stunning representation of the brand and lifestyle projected by the product line. The lounge space specifically communicates the flagship boutique is more of a place to interact with the lifestyle of the brand than merely accessing the product.