This Line of Organic Vegetable Juices Now Includes a Spicy Tomato Flavor

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: cawstonpress & foodbev
'Cawston Press' recently added a spicy tomato flavor to its existing line of organic vegetable juices. As consumers become increasingly health conscious, there is a strong demand for products that can help people up their fruit and vegetable intake. These cold-pressed vegetable juices provide a nutritious and flavorful way to consume more veggies.

The Cawston Press range consists of cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices packaged in convenient one-liter tetra packs. The spicy tomato variety is the latest addition to a line that already includes flavors such as Brilliant Beetroot and Radiant Roots. The latest flavor is designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers who are looking for a flavorful and subtly spiced vegetable drink. The juice can even double as a healthy cocktail base if necessary.