From Matcha-Flavored Ice Creams to Matcha Custard Tarts

 - Apr 4, 2016
From delicious matcha-infused sugar cookies to energizing organic matcha water, matcha flavor ideas are in abundance as the finely ground green tea product continues to inform all matter of food and beverage creations.

Ushered in by the superfood obsession of the health and wellness movement, the matcha obsession has quickly spread from culinary blogs to mainstream dining concepts, with brands like McDonald's and Starbucks adding matcha-infused items to their menus.

One example that is garnering a particular amount of attention is the new matcha menu offered by Auntie Anne's Japan. The matcha-infused menu includes new items such as a Frozen Diink Uji Matcha, Uji Matcha Latte and an enticing sweet and salty Matcha Cheesecake Pretzel Roll.