Nanaya Boasts Having the Most Potent Green Tea Ice Cream

 - May 14, 2015
References: nanaya-matcha & en.rocketnews24
Over the past couple of years, drinks like green tea lattes and desserts like green tea ice cream have made the ingredient matcha explode in popularity as part of the antioxidant craze. However, matcha tends to have a very bitter taste when used in large quantities, which is why it is usually used in small doses. However, the green tea ice cream served at Nanaya in Japan has more than the slight green tinge most people are used to seeing in matcha desserts and sweets.

This is a huge selling feature for the restaurant, especially since it offers seven different levels of green tea ice cream, made with varying amounts of matcha. Naturally, the more matcha that is added to the dessert, the more intense the bright green color becomes. Playing off of the original use of matcha powder, the desserts are served in tea cups.