From Babylonian Egg Breakfasts to Sweet Ethiopian Porridges

 - Feb 3, 2016
From delicious shakshuka that has its roots in Israel to sweet porridge recipes from Ethiopia, there are plenty of examples of traditional global breakfasts that illuminate unique flavor combinations and regional ingredients.

Cilbir is a Turkish dish that sees perfectly poached eggs atop a heap of garlic and dill-infused Greek yogurt. The delicious savory breakfast dish is ideal for anyone looking to start their day with protein and a giant boost of energy.

Mexican Black Bean and Avocado Oatmeal is one global breakfast dish that opts for black beans, scallions and pico de gallo as toppings for porridge instead of the seemingly dull brown sugar. The spicy, savory dish is also suitable for vegetarians and anyone else looking for a meat-free nutritious morning meal option.