This Teff Porridge Recipe is a Delicious Alternative to Oatmeal

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: food52 & food52
The 'Food52' blog recently published a simple recipe for making teff porridge. While oatmeal is a classic morning staple, there are other ways to enjoy a hot breakfast. This tasty porridge provide a sweet and nutritious alternative for those who have grown tired of eating oats.

The base of the porridge is an Ethiopian grain called teff, which has a texture similar to that of polenta when cooked. Similar to oatmeal, the grain can be dressed up to give it more flavor and to add extra nutrients. This particular recipe involves toasting the grain in butter before cooking to bring out the natural nutty taste. The cooked teff is then topped with pecans, dates and a splash of cream. Honey can also be added to give the teff porridge a bit of sweetness.