From Vegan Pumpkin Porridges to Overnight Watermelon Oats

 - Oct 30, 2015
These delicious oatmeal recipes provide the perfect way to celebrate National Oatmeal Day on October 29th. Oatmeal is a popular breakfast dish because it is highly nutritious and hearty enough to keep you full until lunch. These recipes offer delicious and unexpected ways to enjoy the hearty breakfast dish.

Although oatmeal is fairy simple to make, it is not considered a grab-and-go kind of breakfast. Instead of trying to make oatmeal in the morning, overnight oats can be prepared the night before. Some of the tasty recipes for making overnight oats include brownie batter oats, spiced pumpkin oats and even watermelon-flavored oats.

For those who prefer to eat their oatmeal while it's warm, there are a number of recipes that offer unique ways to enjoy the breakfast staple. For example, there are savory oatmeal recipes that put an Asian-inspired twist on the dish. There are also baked oatmeal dishes that allow you to eat your oatmeal with a knife and fork instead of a spoon.