This Melon Breakfast Oatmeal Can Conveniently Be Made the Night Before

Overnight oatmeal is a great healthy breakfast that can conveniently be made the night before helping those that live busy on-the-go lifestyles enjoy wholesome morning meals. This overnight oat breakfast features a delicious fruity flavor inspired by fresh strawberries and watermelon.

Often oatmeal incorporates berries and bananas as the main source of fruit, stirring clear of watery melons that can potentially water down the porridge. This recipe by Breakfast Drama Queen cleverly incorporates watermelon with a flavored yogurt and in an additional topping. The oats are made using a pre-made watermelon strawberry yogurt added to rolled oats, vanilla, milk and chia seeds that sits overnight. In the morning fresh strawberries, sliced watermelon and coconut shreds can be added to heighten the watermelon and strawberry oatmeal flavor.