From Homemade Spiked Suckers to Interactive Paper Kits

 - Feb 27, 2016
From recipe tutorials that make comfort dishes healthy to electronic repair kits that make fixing devices possible, the top February 2016 DIY trends highlight the influence of maker culture on consumer spending habits.

The Kombucha Brewing Flavor Sampler from Kombucha Brooklyn is a three-pack that will entirely transform your at-home brew experience. With mango, blue ginger and raspberry, the set is everything the at-home kombucha brewer needs to experiment with flavor and expand their repertoire.

Separately, the Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit is one purchase that will give connoisseurs the chance to age their own spirits at home.

The top February 2016 DIY trends speaks to the desires of cost-conscious consumers to save money by making what one can at home.