These Broccoli Tots Put a Healthy Spin on a Classic Comfort Food

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: bakersroyale
The broccoli tot recipe from 'Bakers Royale' puts a healthy spin on a classic comfort food. Tater tots is a beloved side dish made from deep-fried, grated potatoes. While the dish is extremely popular among children, it is not the healthiest dinner option.

This recipe gives the humble tater tot a healthy upgrade by using nutritious vegetables and a bit of delicious cheese. To make the tots, all this is required is pulsing broccoli florets in a food processor and then adding cheese, eggs and panko crumbs. The panko crumbs mimic the crunchy texture of deep-fried tater tots, while the Parmesan and cheddar cheese serves to mask the taste of the broccoli.

The recipe is an excellent way to encourage children to eat the kinds of healthy vegetables they may not otherwise consume.