This Recipe for Orange Almond Biscotti is Completely Vegan

 - Jan 18, 2016
References: minimalistbaker
The 'Minimalist Baker' blog recently put together a vegan-friendly recipe for orange almond biscotti. Biscotti is a traditional Italian treat that is baked twice in order to give it an extra-crunchy exterior. This recipe gives the cookie a healthy upgrade by using vegan-friendly ingredients and natural sweeteners.

The orange almond biscotti recipe is easy to make and only requires 10 ingredients in total. To begin, users whip up a batch of cookie dough from a combination of pumpkin puree, coconut oil, cornmeal and other healthy ingredients. The batter is sweetened with organic cane sugar and flavored with toasted almonds and a hint of orange zest. The batter is then molded into two log-shaped segments, baked until golden brown, sliced and then baked again. The end result is a crunchy cookie that offers a vegan-friendly alternative to the traditional Italian biscuit.