This Thermometer Shawl Design Visually Depicts the Current Weather

 - Jan 13, 2016
References: instructables & mentalfloss
One way to tell the temperature outside is to check a thermometer, and this shawl design creatively lets wearers do just that with a wearable fashion piece that functions exactly the same. The scarf is able to display the temperature of the weather outside in a stylishly wearable thermostat design.

The scarf is entirely homemade using a series of materials such as fabric, sensor modules and LED lights. The sensors embedded onto the scarf's fabric track the temperature and humidity giving the Adafruit Flora Arduino board an accurate reading of the temperature, that is displayed using a red LED strip. Alongside the LED lights, a number scale can be added to track the increase and decrease in temperatures. As the air is warmer, the scarf's reading will rise to display the higher temperature increase.