This Nigerian Akara Recipe Adds Some Crunch To Your Breakfast

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: dooneyskitchen
Akara is a delicious Nigerian snack that can be consumed any time of the day but is most closely associated with breakfast. Mixed with your choice of meat or fish, this snack will add some crunchy bite to your breakfast.

To prepare this recipe, skin beans and blend them with a very minimal amount of water. Then transfer the mixture to a bowl and gently mix it in a clockwise motion to get some air inside your paste, to the point that it volume doubles or triples. You can then fold diced meat, sardines or anchovies into your batter.

You're now ready to fry the blended bean fritters. Heat your oil and pour in mixture, separated into chunks. Fry until golden and puffy before removing and placing on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil.

The end result is a delicious Akara bean fritter with a pleasing combination of textures and a lively flavor that will wake your taste buds.