These Eggs are Cooked inside a Slice of Bread and Topped with Plain Yogurt

 - Oct 31, 2015
References: mynameisyeh & mynameisyeh
This recipe by My Name is Yeh gives breakfast eggs a bit more worldly flavor by adding a homemade yogurt sauce to the dish. The unconventional use of dairy in the creamy dairy is a much healthier substitute to cheese.

The dish begins by making a bread basket for the egg to cook in out of a slice of toast with a hole in the centre. The egg is cracked in and cooked over a skillet. Once the egg is cooked it is topped with a healthy helping of plain yogurt that the warmth of the cooked eggs turn almost milky. The yogurt gives the eggs that creamy taste without opting for a fatty topping such as cheese. You can further customize the recipe with onions, olives, seasoning or hot sauce depending on your preference.