Granola Mranola Boasts a Brand Identity Designed by Ipek Eris

 - Oct 12, 2015
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This example of granola branding hails from Istanbul and was realized by graphic designer Ipek Eris for artisan brand Granola Mranola. With a warm range of packaging that makes it easy to imagine the product at your own breakfast table, Granola Mranola bills itself as "fun, fit and healthy," making it a nutritional alternative to sugary breakfast cereals.

While granola is definitely a modern staple, consumers are often tasked with deciphering between varieties that all seem the same. In order to stand out on store shelves, the brand has employed the power of artisan branding to create a trustworthy, necessary feel to the product.

In many ways, Granola Mranola hits on staples of modern granola branding that includes rustic craft paper, chalkboard graphics and easily portable, reseable pouches.