This Rosy Vegetable Smoothie is Full of Nutrients and Wholesome Foods

Vegetable smoothies are a great way to sneak in a few extra legumes into your diet in a tasty and easy to consume format. This delicious orange beet smoothie is a great source boosting stamina and anti-inflammatory properties and the addition of banana, orange, and raspberries cover up the bitter taste.

This citrus beet smoothie is an ideal quick dish for those on a busy schedule or unable to make a proper breakfast in the mornings. The smoothie requires few healthy ingredients and many can be prepped the night before. The drink contains Greek yogurt, beet puree, orange to cut through the taste of the beets, raspberries, cherries and a cup of grated carrots. The carrot and beets count towards a daily requirement of veggies while the fruits make this a surprisingly sweet-tasting treat.