This Grilled Grapefruit Recipe is Sweetened with Honey and Yogurt

 - Feb 2, 2016
While there are some who jump at the chance to enjoy a grapefruit breakfast meal, there are others who avoid the citrus fruit altogether because of its highly acidic and tart taste. In order to remedy this, one tactic to try is grilling a ruby red grapefruit, which reduces the bitter flavors while bringing out the naturally sweet notes.

Coating the open surface of a halved grapefruit with sugar and grilling it may be satisfactory to some, but the fruity breakfast recipe can be elevated by adding a drizzle of yogurt and honey. The result is a texture-rich finished product that melds the lightly charred grapefruit with smooth yogurt and thick honey.

This particular grilled grapefruit breakfast recipe hails from 'Cuizine,' a blog operated out of South Africa's coastal city of Durban.