These Low-Sodium Dish is a Nutritious Breakfast Choice

 - Aug 25, 2015
References: thekitchn
These tasty egg muffins are a healthy choice for those who adhere to a grain-free or low-sodium diet. For many people, a bagel with cream cheese is their go-to breakfast dish. Unfortunately, bagels are not the most nutritious choice for those who are trying to cut back on their sodium intake.

'The Kitchn' blog provides an easy alternative for those who are looking to replace their morning bagel with something a bit healthier. Egg muffins are a great breakfast alternative because they provide a grain-free base for your favorite toppings. Simply split them in half and slather them with shmear and lox. These tasty egg muffins are not only grain-free, but they are also low in sodium.

While they may not taste exactly like a bagel, these healthy egg cups are a nutritious alternative for those who adhere to a restricted diet.