From Daily Vitamin Kits to Public Sunscreen Dispensers

 - Sep 30, 2015
The top September 2015 health trends highlight innovations in a fast-evolving industry often defined by what people are eat consuming and the means by which they are working out. From the latest cult exercise program to an expanded understanding of medical marijuana, there are endless micro-progressions in the health and well-being realm that speak to a society open to anything that may help individuals live a little longer.

Two particularly intriguing initiatives include free public access sunscreen dispensers launched in Miami Beach and Boston. The programs do a lot in terms of democratizing sun safety and prove that skincare health isn't something that should only be afforded to those who have the money.

Additionally, innovations in science have enabled the creation of a home HIV kit, a user-friendly system that makes the testing process private and less time-consuming.

The wide-ranging top September 2015 health trends point to an increasingly open-minded public attitude toward unconventional methods toward well-being.