Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Values Customization in Both 3D Printing and Health

 - Aug 4, 2015
References: aprecia & bbc
3D printing and health are proving to be a great pair, especially since the FDA has already approved several medical devices, prosthetics and even pills that are made using this technology.

A new drug called 'Spritam' developed by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals was created for the purposes of control seizures that are onset by epilepsy. As far as the reasons for printing pills, some of the benefits include being able to tailor a specific dosage to a patient and package them more efficiently. This speaks to a custom approach to medicine, rather than a one-size-fits-all methodology that has people buying generic medications off the shelf. Just as other oral medication, these pills dissolve normally.

Customization with 3D printing in the medical industry is also being seen with the creation of bespoke jaw bones, prosthetic devices and organs.