Glow Flow Yoga Conducts its Classes Under Black Lights

In addition to suiting up in the usual workout gear, yogis heading to Glow Flow Yoga classes at The Modern Honolulu also have the option to decorate themselves with bodypaint in preparation for flowing through poses under a black light.

Now that the classes have gotten up and running, the bodypaintings have gotten more and more elaborate. For instance, the sixth class was set to the theme of Zoolander and attendees were invited to come painted in ways that took inspiration from the movie.

But body painting isn't the only thing that sets Glow Flow Yoga apart—it also sets its vinyasa flow classes to house music and hip-hop. Post-class, students are invited to the pool deck to shower off and enjoy entertainment. With its party-like atmosphere, Glow Flow Yoga appeals to yogis of all levels.