This Freshly Fried Green Tomato Salad is Combined with Mozzarella Cheese

 - Aug 5, 2015
References: abeautifulmess
This nontraditional salad is a playful recipe that adds a bold crunch to a summer tomato salad. Emma Chapman shares the secret to this recipe, which starts with four fresh green tomatoes.

Begin making the tomato salad by slicing thick, medallion-like tomato wedges. Then bread the tomato slices by dipping them in a bowl of egg and flour, coat them in bread crumbs and place them on a tray. After placing the medallions in the freezer for ten minutes they can be pan fried over the stove with a few tablespoons of oil.

The tomatoes won't take long to cook before they are ready to be served over a bed of fresh leafy greens. Stack the tomatoes atop the salad by layering a slice of mozzarella between each wedge. Drizzle a generous amount of pesto and serve while to tomatoes are still hot.