From Homemade Flashlights to Upcycled Scarf Dresses

 - Sep 30, 2015
The top September 2015 DIY trends highlight a range of recipes, tutorials and otherwise that allow individuals to turn their homes into a makerspace.

As beauty blogs continue to appoint and dethrone essential cosmetic products on a daily basis, keeping on top of the latest beauty innovations can grow tiresome and expensive. DIY tutorials that center on creating home skincare remedies can mean testing out a new solution without investing a large portion of your budget.

Separately, indulgent snack recipes made up of unconventional flavor combinations make for an experimental day in the kitchen. An example of such exploratory DIY tutorials is the pineapple pizza dip dreamed up by Foodbeast.

The top September 2015 DIY trends put the spotlight on a variety of experimental food, skincare products and decor solutions that are on the cutting edge of design innovations.