TECADI's MoMo Modular Multi-Use Furniture Adapts to Any Space

Reimagine the possibilities for interior spaces using multi-use furniture with TECADI's MoMo Modular Furniture. TECADI uses themes of minimalism and practicality to create furniture that is multipurpose, flexible and easy to handle.

Light wooden structural lines are anchored by copper nodes to create extremely malleable pieces. The collection is meant to create a system in which pieces can be either combined together or stand alone. The collection consists of a chair, deck chair, book shelf and a table. TECADI's focus for MoMo Modular Furniture was to reinvigorate the way we use space and be creative.

Aesthetically simple, the MoMo Modular design is adaptable to an eclectic array of decor. Also, MoMo Modular Furniture allows you to construct your own furniture, personalizing your space to your specific needs. Most importantly, the furniture is transformable as needs and spaces change.