From Super Slim Folding Desks to Flatpacked Storage Systems

 - Jan 28, 2016
If you are dealing with a small space, temporary rentals or similar situations, these compact office furniture ideas make rigid space constraints easier to work within. Foldable pieces save space and make an area more modular. Their portable nature also fits with the nomadic freelance work that is becoming more and more prevalent.

Flat-packed tabletop workstations such as the CNC Elevate Workstations make adjustable standing desks easier to put up. Standing desks also have the benefit of reversing some of the negative health effects associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Intimate contour chairs can be romantic, but also allow break-off groups to converse and meet with a measure of sound-proofing in open office spaces. Flexible material allow for impromptu seating, but cardboard enables foldable office furniture ideas an element of speed.